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Business Intelligence

Business Analyst

  • Deep dive into data analysis, perform dimension modeling and solutions.
  • Strategic solution to improve the efficiency with the help of BI methodology .
  • Suggest customized BI solutions for your business.
  • Help facilitate the development team to build solutions.​
BI Consultant

  • Evaluating existing systems.
  • Business process revamping.
  • Data organizations.
  • Assist in smooth transition from traditional to modern way of working in BI.
  • Setup the layers – Source layer, business layer and presentation layer
BI Project Manager

  • Act as a bridge / liaison between business and IT teams.
  • Implementing key strategic initiatives, aligned with organizational goals and vision.
  • Adopt frameworks such as agile to effectively deliver BI applications. 
  • Support the team in implementing BI best practices.
  • Adopt techniques such as PERT for a better managed project.
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